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Children’s Counseling in Cheyenne WY

Play is the child’s language and toys are the child’s words! The Association of
Play Therapy defines play therapy as “a way of being with the child that honors
his or her unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the
“language” of the child.

I utilize various modalities of play therapy including: 

Children's Therapy in Cheyenne WY


  • Sand tray
  • Non-directive and directive play therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Drama therapy including puppets
  • Therapeutic games


These methods are used to treat a variety of behavioral problems such as
anger management,  grief and loss, divorce and abandonment, crisis and
trauma and behavioral disorders such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity
(ADHD),  autism, academic and social developmental problems, and
conduct disorders.

Children's Therapist in Cheyenne WY


I meet regularly with parents to learn what is
happening in the child’s life and to share
important observations and give suggestions on how parents can
support their child’s therapy.


Debbie Cockreham, MS LPC NCC
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