“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
— Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Who Is Debbie?

Debbie is a licensed professional counselor who has worked with children and families as a counselor and social worker in schools for over 20 years. This experience, plus the joys of raising her daughter, has given her a comprehensive perspective of children and teenagers in family dynamics and within the school setting. 

Debbie’s specializations include life coaching, family counseling, and individual therapy. She strives to use her unique perspective to better the lives of her community members throughout Cheyenne, WY.

Debbie from Living Positively On Purpose Counseling & Life Coaching in Cheyenne,WY.

Debbie offers children’s counseling, adolescent & adult individual therapy, Christian faith-based counseling, & life coaching.

More About Debbie

Debbie has walked alongside clients in a myriad of life changes as a professional mental health counselor for over 10 years. Debbie has experienced many exciting, often challenging, changes throughout her own life.

Through these changes, Debbie is able to give much empathy and compassionate insight to help her clients manage life’s challenging transitions and difficulties. She has learned that even though a person may believe Plan A will not come true in life, plan B can be even more fulfilling and exciting.

Debbie is a single mom who is very committed to her family. Even though her daughter has now left the nest, Debbie and her daughter enjoy an abiding and intimate relationship full of exciting memories and exciting discoveries as their relationship is ever-changing and evolving.

The Positively On Purpose Approach

As a Life Coach, Debbie brings her life experiences and expertise together authentically and engagingly to every session. She is genuine and supportive, enabling you to see what’s possible while respecting the goals and desires you have for your life.

Debbie’s counseling style is warm and inviting, and she will utilize a variety of evidence-based techniques and methods designed to meet your individual needs. These techniques include solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, choice therapy, play therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and family systems therapy.

Individual therapy by Living Positively On Purpose Counseling & Life Coaching in Cheyenne,WY.
Animal Support Dog from Living Positively On Purpose Counseling & Life Coaching in Cheyenne,WY.
Child counseling by Living Positively On Purpose Counseling & Life Coaching in Cheyenne,WY.

Debbie’s Specializations

Child and adolescent adjustment problems
Christian counseling
Depression, grief, and loss
Family relationships
Life coaching
Life transitions
Parenting & parent-child relationships
Stress management


Debbie was recently featured in a piece for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. In the below article, Debbie shares how to successfully set New Year’s Resolutions while practicing self love and compassion.


Debbie received her Master’s of Counseling training from the University of Wyoming and her Life Coaching training from the Institute of Life Coach Training.

Debbie brings her life experiences & expertise together in an authentic and engaging way every session.

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